1xbet does not withdraw money: reasons

If you have encountered a problem when the bookmaker 1xBet – socialchance.ru does not withdraw money, there are several possible reasons to consider:

  1. Identity Confirmation: 1xBet, like many other bookmakers, may require confirmation of your identity and documents for security and fraud prevention. If your account is not verified or your details do not match, withdrawals may be delayed.
  2. Unused bonuses or promotions: If you have active bonuses or participation in promotions on your account, it is possible that withdrawals may be temporarily blocked until the terms and conditions of the bonus programme expire.
  3. Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 1xBet may set a minimum withdrawal amount and if your balance is less than this amount, you will not be able to withdraw money.
  4. Failure to meet betting requirements: If you have used bonus funds for betting, you may need to fulfil certain turnover or betting requirements to be able to withdraw your winnings.
  5. Technical problems: Some withdrawal delays may be due to technical problems on the side of the betting company or payment systems.
  6. Violation of rules: If you have violated the rules of use of the bookmaker’s office or you suspect fraud, 1xBet may temporarily block your withdrawal for verification.

If you have problems with withdrawing money to 1xBet, it is recommended that you contact their support team and provide all the necessary documents and information to verify your account. This will help speed up the verification process and resolve the problem. Also check the terms and conditions of bonuses and promotions to make sure that all requirements are met. If the problem persists, contact support again or consider contacting regulatory authorities, if any, to resolve disputes.

1xbet betting requirements

The betting requirements at 1xBet can vary depending on the type of bonuses and promotions, as well as the terms and conditions set by the bookmaker itself. Listed below are some general examples of betting requirements that may apply at 1xBet:

  1. Turnover Percentage: You may be required to meet a certain turnover percentage in order to activate and withdraw bonus funds. This means that you need to bet a certain amount equal to a percentage of the bonus amount received.
  2. Betting Odds: Some bonuses and promotions may have minimum odds that must be bet on in order for them to count towards the betting requirements.
  3. Timeframe: Usually bookmakers will set certain timeframes within which you must fulfil the betting requirements in order to activate or withdraw bonus funds.
  4. Types of bets: Some bonuses may restrict the types of bets you can use your bonus funds on. For example, system bets or bets on certain events may be prohibited.
  5. Event Restrictions: Some promotions may have restrictions on certain events or leagues that you can bet on to fulfil the requirements.
  6. Withdrawal Restrictions: In some cases withdrawals may not be available until all betting requirements have been met.

It is important to carefully read the terms and conditions of each specific promotion or bonus on the 1xBet website to be aware of all betting requirements. If you have any questions or doubts, it is recommended that you contact 1xBet’s support team for more information.

1xBet betting company rules for players

The bookmaker company 1xBet has its own terms and conditions that players must abide by when using their services. Listed below are some of the general rules that may apply at 1xBet. However, keep in mind that the rules are subject to change and it is important to familiarise yourself with the current rules on the official 1xBet website.

  1. Age Restrictions: To use 1xBet’s services, players are usually required to be over 18 years of age or other age limit set by the laws and regulations of their country.
  2. One account per player: A registered user must have only one account. Creating multiple accounts may result in blocking and confiscation of funds.
  3. Personal Data: Players must provide true and accurate information when registering. It is especially important to provide correct information when going through the verification process.
  4. Self-restriction and exclusion: 1xBet provides self-restriction and exclusion options for players who wish to limit their activity on the site or temporarily exclude themselves from participation.
  5. Responsible Gambling: The bookmaker actively supports responsible gambling and provides resources and tools to help players who experience gambling problems.
  6. Bonus Rules: If players receive bonuses or participate in promotions, they must comply with the terms and conditions set out for each specific promotion.
  7. Anti-fraud measures: The bookmaker takes measures to prevent fraud and abuse of services.

These are just general examples of the rules that may apply at 1xBet. It is recommended that you carefully read the full terms and conditions that are stated on the official 1xBet website before you start using their services. If you have any questions or doubts, contact 1xBet’s support team for more information.

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